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About Panther Cars

The original Panther Westwinds Company set itself up in 1972 in sight of the famous Brooklands Race Course, and was the brainchild of Robert Jankel who produced hand built sports cars to the highest specification using modern principles of engineering and performance but with the styling of a bygone era. Although the Company has produced many cars in very limited numbers, the mainstream production models are summarised below.

 Panther Lima


The Panther Lima sports a 2.3 litre Vauxhall engine and mechanicals with a glassfibre body, and was the first Panther produced in any large volume. During its life, various chassis changes were made, but the overall Lima styling remained the same. Mk1 Limas were based on the Vauxhall Viva floor pan and Magnum running gear, with Mk11's getting a stronger Panther made steel chassis and better cosmetics. For an entry into Panther motoring, the lower prices for the Mk1 Limas make them a real bargain. Good performance due to light body / powerful engine.


 Panther Kallista 1.6, 2.8, 2.8i, 2.9I (2.3 on the last Korean built models)


The Panther Kallista was produced in the greatest numbers with an aluminium body on a steel Panther chassis, choice of 1.6, 2.8 or 2.9 Ford engines in various guises, Ford running gear, a complete range of paintwork options, and with a list of optional extras you will find it hard to see any two models alike. Performance is very good, with a 0-60 mph time of under 8 seconds for the larger engined models. A culmination of performance and originality.

Kallista 2.9i

 Panther Rio


Based on the Triumph Dolomite (or Dolomite Sprint in the case of the Rio Especial) this Panther is about as exclusive as they come. Made in very limited numbers, the car blends traditional English styling with the modern image of the car. Fashioned with true Panther care and craftmanship, they need to have been kept in excellent condition to be seen at their best.

 Panther J72


The J72 being the first production model, was influenced by the style of the Jaguar SS100. Using a Jaguar engine and hand trimmed with the finest Connolly hide, it won the Silver Medal for coachwork at the 1973 London Motor Show, beating the Rolls Royce. Various Jaguar engines in its lifetime with Jaguar running gear. Commands fairly hefty prices for a good condition model.


 Panther DeVille


The Panther De Ville, once described as the 'Worlds most exclusive car' with only a handful produced is the Rolls Royce of the Panthers with its Jaguar V12 engine and Bugatti styling. Owned by rock stars such as Elton John, prices in its heyday went up to a staggering 100,000 !! Now, if you can find one on the market, a more realistic price of 25-40,000 is possible. Still an awful lot of money, but very exclusive !! Recent upsurge in interest due to the 101 Dalmations film which features Cruella in her Panther DeVille.

Very rare DeVille convertible

 Panther Solo


Panthers costly entry into the performance car market that for many reasons never quite lived up to expectations, with only a handful being produced. Nevertheless. A mighty beast with supercar looks and status, the Solo will always turn heads wherever it appears.



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